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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Careers Are On The Line At This Year’s PGA School

For aspiring professional golfers who want to get onto the PGA Tour, this is a very important time. The final stage of tour school is being played and only 25 golfers will advance onto the PGA Tour, whilst the others will have to settle for the Nationwide Tour. The road here has been tough as there are at least two stages before the third and final stage of tour school. Professional golfers without any sort of status, have to go through a prequalification stage. So it’s pretty much dog-eat –dog and there is no insurance on anything.

So the feeling of making a hole-in-one would be similar to making it onto the PGA Tour for these golfers. What’s even more interesting is that David Duval, a former world number one golfer is participating in the final round. He is the first former number one player to do so, which shows how much his game slumped but also how good these golfers really are. US Hole In One definitely agrees that there is no insurance or guarantee on making it through tour school. These golfers have to play well and earn their way through.

However, Foresite Sports provides some insurance of its own, as most of you already know. Foresite Sports specializes in hole in one insurance and that is definitely a guaranteed service. So, if a person makes a hole-in-one on an insured hole they could win big. Really big! We’ve helped give away cars, cash prizes, vacation trips and more. Therefore, if you know the tournament director at your golf club, or even better, if you are the tournament director then you have come to the right place. We welcome you and would like to let you know that we not only offer the best hole-in-one coverage but it is really affordable. On top of that you can take a look at the golf outing services that we provide. These services can be viewed on our website (www.foresitesports.com) or you could call us directly at 888 882 5440.

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