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Friday, October 15, 2010

Four Steps to Hole In One Insurance

You might think the process of getting hole in one insurance for your next big event is difficult or a long process. That is simply not true. In fact, when you work with Foresite Sports, we make the process so easy that you only need to follow four simple steps to accomplish your goals.

  1. Contact Foresite Sports to request a quote for your needs. You can select the type of prize you want to offer, the yardage of the grand prize hole and the number of people participating. That determines the cost you pay.
  2. Next, complete the application. The good news is that this application is fast and simple and we will get a confirmation back to you right away.
  3. Then, receive your prize package. This package gives you all of the information you need to get event signage and to get the right hole in one insurance for your event. Again, this is also a very quick process to help you to get set up. We will ship you all of the signage right away and send you the Certificate of Coverage.
  4. Finally, you can start playing! On the day of the event you simply get your signs out there and get your golfers lined up for the event. Contact us to let us know about the winner and we will handle the rest.

The fact is that the process of getting insurance coverage for your hole in one insurance event is simple because we want to ensure you have more fun and time to set up your event.

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