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Friday, May 14, 2010

Hole In One Insurance Contests and Distance Requirements

At Foresite Sports, we get all kinds of questions on a regular basis. If you have any, please contact us. One of the most commonly asked questions is in regards to the yardage requirements for hole in one insurance contests. In order for a par 3 to be eligible for the golf contest, it needs to meet the minimum distance requirements. Each type of hole in one insurance contest has different requirements, though. There are also different requirements for men and women. Let’s take a closer look.

Hole in One Insurance Contests

This type of contest is centered on one hole, of your choosing. In this situation, the minimum yardage required is 150 yards for men and 135 yards for women. If the hole you have selected is not quite at these numbers, most golf courses do have about ten years of extra space on their par 3’s which means that you have the ability to set the hole up to include that extra ten yards. Just move the hole back. If you are taking advantage of the free bonus prizes for your additional par 3 holes then there are different minimum hole requirements for that. In this case, there is a minimum yardage requirement of 130 yards for men and 115 for women. This type of bonus prize includes items like the Callaway Big Bertha Irons or the roundtrip plane tickets for two.

Shootout Contests

For a shootout hole in one insurance contest, the yardage distance is a bit larger. This is because when you are conducting a shootout contest it is usually for a larger sum of money like $1,000,000. For men, the distance is 165 years and for the women it is 150 yards. Please also note that the shootout shot(s) do not need to occur on a par 3 hole.  You can simply set-up the shot at least 165 yards out from the hole on a par 4.  Many groups choose this option and place the shootout shot on the 9th or 18th hole because it allows those who are not taking the shot the ability to watch from the clubhouse or cocktail area.

If you have any additional questions regarding the yardage requirements for Hole in One Insurance or Shootout contest, please feel free to ask.

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