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Friday, October 1, 2010

How to Hit a Tee Shot… Right in the Hole Hopefully!

So you’re faced with a daunting tee shot on a tough par-3. What’s your strategy? How do you go about it? Can you do it? Well of course you can. Foresite Sports is here to give you some quick tips on how to hit drives with laser-like accuracy.

Before you even hit your drive take note of the tee box. A lot of courses today have tee boxes that aren’t directly aligned with the fairway. Some actually are angled so make sure that you take note of this. This first step is as important as hole-in-one insurance is to Foresite Sports. There’s no point in even teeing the ball up without going through this step. Next you must survey the hole. Which side of the hole is the best side to miss? Ask yourself what the wind is doing?

Now you must play to your strengths. If you like to fade or draw the ball there are some slight adjustments that you can make when playing in the wind. All you have to do is adjust accordingly. For example if you are a right hander playing in a right to left wind and you like to:

  1. draw the ball – make sure that you aim a little right and try not to release the club fully as the wind will exaggerate your normal ball flight and make the ball dive left. Feel as if you hold off your shot. That way the ball won’t be affected as much.
  2. fade the ball – make sure that you take extra club as your normal ball flight will fight the wind instead of riding it. Aim a touch right of your target but not as much as someone who draws the ball would. Your ball will start off straight , fade in the air , and then fall to the left as the wind gets a hold of it

Now if you’re left –handed you do the opposite. Hopefully if you execute these steps well you could win a hole in one prize, courtesy of Foresite Sports. We are the best out there when it comes to providing quality hole in one insurance so give us a try!

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