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Friday, June 18, 2010

Quick Facts About Hole In One Insurance – Part 1

Customer service comes first at Foresite Sports. Happy customers are customers who know what they are getting into and ultimately get what they signed up for. This is one of the reasons why Foresite Sports stands tall amongst its competitors .Here are some important things that all our valued customers should know:

  • Payment for hole in one prize coverage should be addressed to USHIO and postmarked prior to the day of the contest, or faxed to Foresite Sports with a valid Visa, MasterCard, or American Express prior to the start of the contest
  • If you choose mail over fax, we highly recommend that you use certified mail. It’s always wise to mail something that you can track
  • Take note that Insurance agents act exclusively on behalf of the applicant, and not Foresite Sports
  • Once we get your application, we at Foresite Sports will mail, fax or email written confirmation of your participation in our hole in one program (Certificate of Participation) based upon the submitted application and payment.
  • This Certificate of Participation will take the place of all prior agreements or  representations, whether written or oral, and contain the full agreement of both parties.
  • Next,  any changes after that must be approved  in writing by US Hole In One
  • Foresite Sports is free to use the Names and likenesses of the association member, acing golfer (winner), and hole sponsor without further compensation to the association member, winner or sponsor. For example, videos of our special hole-in-one winners are posted on YouTube
  • All witnesses have to be 18 years of age or older and chosen by the association member. For all prize limits, two (2) playing partners of the winner are required as witnesses along with the following:
  1. Prize limits of $2,000 to $59,999 need one non-event participant witness is required
  2. For prizes of $60,000 to $99,999, two non-event participant witnesses are required
  3. For prizes of $100,000 to $1,000,000, two non-event participant witnesses (one of which is a PGA Professional or Police Officer) are required as well as a continuous, unedited videotape shot from behind the green of all shots to win the prize. A videotape is also required, in addition to the witness requirements for all agreements in which both: the number of contestants is 24 or less AND the Prize Value is $25,000 or greater. We definitely want to make sure that no one tries to pull a fast one on us. If someone makes a hole in one, but the witness requirements aren’t met, Foresite Sports sadly does not have to pay the winner.

There are a couple more quick facts that we would like you to know and we will share them with you in part two of this blog segment. Till then we wish you the best both on and off the golf course.

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