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Friday, August 27, 2010

Short Game Help

Here’s the scenario: you’ve missed the green on a par 3 and there is a high bunker between your ball and the hole. What’s even worse is that the green slopes downwards towards the hole. You’re not having a nightmare and you’re not about to wake up from it because this is reality. Even though this shot is intimidating it is way easier than getting a hole in one.  With a little practice and correct technique you’ll be on your way to becoming a short-game maestro.

So how exactly do you play this shot? What we want to accomplish is a high floating shot that lands a couple of feet on the green and trickles towards the hole. First you set up with an open stance and open the clubface as far as you can. Try to imagine a glass of water resting on your 60 degree wedge’s club face. Also if you don’t have a 60 degree wedge make sure you get one. Just like you need a little luck to make a hole-in-one, you need a 60 degree wedge to have a truly versatile short game.

Once you adopt an open stance with an open face you should cock your wrists in your takeaway. On your downswing the key is to swing on your feet line. Also make sure that you accelerate through the shot as the ball wont travel far. Swing to a full finish and watch your ball rise into the air and land as softly as a feather. Hopefully you’ll save your par or even sneak in a birdie. Till then make sure that outings at your golf club have hole-in-one insurance.  Hole-in-one insurance makes playing par 3s worthwhile. All holes-in-one are rewarded so everyone’s happy at the end of the day. Foresite Sports is here to make your day brighter. Call 888 882 5440 to find out more. You won’t regret it.

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