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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Staying Warm in the Winter Months of Golf Season!

Not all golfers have the luxury of playing golf year round, most golfers enjoy the spring, summer and fall months and play a round or two every weekend however once late November rolls around, the golf course is off limits! Here are some tips on how to stay warm if you are going to venture out into the cold and how to keep active with your golf game even if its not on the links.

If you have a golfer that is restricted by climate and can not play every weekend in the winter months, make sure they are ready to hit the links as soon as possible with some cold gear. Staying warm on the golf course is all about layers, start with some type of compression long sleeved as a base layer, add a nice golf polo, short or long sleeve in their favorite color and as the top layer consider investing in a thermal jacket. With these layers you golfer will be able to hit the course as soon as the snow is cleared and will stay warm the whole round!

If the weather is too unbearable to even consider playing outside, a great alternative is the indoor training methods. Many golf retail stores will sell a target pop up net and light weight golf balls perfect to set up in a basement to extra room. Also turf putting greens help any golfer perfect their short game when they are unable to get to the course. If you want to go all out and practice like the pro’s, buy a software system that will allow you to play virtual golf, right inside your own home! The golf simulators come with software, mats and a projection screen that will make you feel like you are in sunnyCaliforniaplaying the best course in the country.


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