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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bowling Promotions

Company holiday parties are right around the corner so keep in mind that running a contest with Foresite Sports is a great way to give back to your employees. Bowling alley’s are at the top of companies lists for company party locations, they have a run atmosphere and offer the appropriate amount of space to have a great time whether you bowl or not! Bowling is also a great sport just to have fun with, when you go bowling you will have employees with all levels of skill which only adds to the fun of it!

Foresite Sports has two bowling promotions that are perfect to liven up any company bowling party. The contests are tasks that any one would be familiar with, the 7-10 split and the perfect game. Depending on how many people you want to participate in the promotion either can be catered to you needs. The 7-10 split has a little better odds, the best way to run this contest is to select a few employees out of the group to participate. A great way to select is to take the top performers from the past year, for example take the top 2 people from each of your 5 divisions allowing 10 total contestants. Between rounds take those ten people to one lane and see if they can make a 7-10 split with their co-workers cheering them on! The second promotion the perfect game is a little tougher however that does mean that it is perfect for everyone at your party to participate. This promotion would be done during your designated time on the lanes so no extra time is needed. This keeps a good competitive spirit among you co- workers while still having them cheer on one another to bowl at strike!

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