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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hole In One Insurance Witness Requirements:

After purchasing a hole in one insurance, putting insurance, or shootout insurance, making sure you know the witness requirements for each of the contests is an important factor to making your hole in one insurance policy a success! It is very important as a tournament organizer to read and understand all the terms and condition because they will vary between the different contests.

The hole in one insurance witness requirements are dependent on the prize value you are insuring. For most prizes (under $60,000) you will need to have one person who will be stationed at the hole who is over the age of 18 and not playing in the tournament. This person needs to be stationed so they can clearly see the players teeing off and the ball going in the hole. For prize values between $60,000 and $100,000, the requirement increases to two non playing individuals and for anything over $100,000, two non playing individuals are required one being a pro or a police officer. At this prize level all shots will also have to be videotaped.

For a putting contest no matter what prize value you are giving away, it must be videotaped. The video must include the measurement of the putt as well as the person taking it. In addition to the videotape you are required to have one additional witness for prize vales up to $10,000 and two witnesses for any value over that. Shootout contest also always have to be videotaped, this videotape works best set up behind the hole so you can get the golfer and green in the same shot. Since shootouts are typically done with high prize values over $100,000, they also need two people to witness, one being the pro or police officer. Please review all terms and conditions before running any of the contests.

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