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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dice Roll Promotion Prize Insurance

The Dice Roll Promotions is one of Foresite Sports most popular prize insurance; all the contestants have to do to win is roll the dice to spell out the winning word. Foresite Sports highly recommends the Dice Roll Promotion prize insurance to their clients who are unsure which contest to choose. It is not only easy to run and affordable, it can be done at almost any type of event such as tradeshows, fundraisers, company parties or event sporting events. The Dice Roll Promotion prize insurance can be one two different ways based on the number of people in your event.

The first and most popular way of running the contest is at events with a large crowd such as a trade show. By offering the dice roll contest at your booth you will drive in traffic with the chance to give away a grand prize to each and every person who comes to your table. The 5 or 6 dice promotion is affordably priced for events with hundreds or even thousands of guests.

The second way to run the promotion is to give the chance to roll the dice to one or two lucky people. This could be done at a company party where the person with the most sales gets selected or you could use it as a fundraising idea and sell raffle tickets to the crowd and pick out one winning ticket. For either of these examples we would recommend doing the 3 or 4 dice promotion prize insurance. With less people you will be able to use less dice, giving that one individual a better chance to win!

For either promotion Foresite Sports will handle making and sending you the dice at no extra charge. You will also be able to customize the dice to spell any word you like that will coincide with your event. Foresite Sports can also create a customized sign with your logo to promote the contest. For more information and pricing give us a call at 888-882-5140.

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