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Hole In One Insurance News - Foresite Sports
Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How Much Does Hole In One Insurance Cost?

Foresite Sports prides on being a leading company in hole in one insurance and with that we will guarantee the lowest price on the market. Prices for hole in one insurance start as low as $180.00 and with that low price our clients would receive everything in Foresite Sports’ prize package. The prize package includes bonus prizes for other par three holes on the course, signs for each one of the prize holes, as well as discount offers and free golf club certificates. In order to get a price for hole in one insurance you will need to know three things:

  1. Number of Golfers- This is the total number of golfers in your tournament. The larger the number the more expensive the coverage will be. Foresite Sports does not have a minimum number of golfers, as long as it is a golf tournament we can cover it!
  2. The Distance of the Hole – The minimum distance that we can cover most grand prizes for is 150 yards. The further the hole is the more affordable the coverage will be. We price out in yardage brackets starting at the 150 yard mark and going back to 195 yards.
  3. The Prize Value – This is the last factor in pricing. We can cover any prize value up to $100,000 for a hole in one policy. Like the golfers, the higher this number is the more expensive the coverage will be.

To get more information on pricing feel free to give one of our tournament consultants a call, they will help you through the process and be able to set you up with multiple options.

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