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Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Insure a Car for A Hole In One Contest?

A vehicle is among the top prizes that clients wish to insure at Foresite Sports. While we work with a lot of car dealerships in the nation, we also get a lot of calls from tournament directors that want to insure a car, truck or motorcycle and have no clue where to start. One of the three factors needed to get a hole in one insurance quote is the value of the prize, so first step when is to know an estimated value of the car or motorcycle (you can even look on the manufacturer’s website). This way you can get an idea of the price range of your contest insurance.

If you want the car visible to the golfers at the course that day then you will have to work with a local dealer in your area. From the dealer you will be able to determine the exact value that you will be insuring so you will be able to fill out the hole in one insurance application and get coverage in place. From Foresite Sports you will receive a Hole In One Insurance Certificate of Participation that states that you are fully covered, most dealers will want a copy of this before they bring the car to the course.

If you are getting the coverage in place last minute you can always insure a car or motorcycle solely based on the estimated value. In the case of a winner the check would be made out based on that amount and the winner can choose what to buy with the money. Foresite Sports offers sample prices of a Harley Davidson and various vehicles based on your budget.

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