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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dice Roll Promotion Prize Insurance

The Dice Roll Promotions is one of Foresite Sports most popular prize insurance; all the contestants have to do to win is roll the dice to spell out the winning word. Foresite Sports highly recommends the Dice Roll Promotion prize insurance to their clients who are unsure which contest to choose. It is not only easy to run and affordable, it can be done at almost any type of event such as tradeshows, fundraisers, company parties or event sporting events. The Dice Roll Promotion prize insurance can be one two different ways based on the number of people in your event.

The first and most popular way of running the contest is at events with a large crowd such as a trade show. By offering the dice roll contest at your booth you will drive in traffic with the chance to give away a grand prize to each and every person who comes to your table. The 5 or 6 dice promotion is affordably priced for events with hundreds or even thousands of guests.

The second way to run the promotion is to give the chance to roll the dice to one or two lucky people. This could be done at a company party where the person with the most sales gets selected or you could use it as a fundraising idea and sell raffle tickets to the crowd and pick out one winning ticket. For either of these examples we would recommend doing the 3 or 4 dice promotion prize insurance. With less people you will be able to use less dice, giving that one individual a better chance to win!

For either promotion Foresite Sports will handle making and sending you the dice at no extra charge. You will also be able to customize the dice to spell any word you like that will coincide with your event. Foresite Sports can also create a customized sign with your logo to promote the contest. For more information and pricing give us a call at 888-882-5140.

Monday, December 12, 2011

West Virginia Golf Course For Sale: Considered Birthplace for American Golf

In Charleston,West Virginia, a golf course called Oakhurst Links has been put on the market. This course is considered the birthplace of American golf, due to its long history and the fact that you can still find sheep roaming the fairways from time to time. The first competition to take place at the golf course was in 1884. And, the owner, who has owned and run the course for the last 50 years, says it is time for someone else to manage it.

The golf course is only nine holes. There is also an onsite museum at the course. The course is now on the market for $4.5 million. The goal is for a new owner to be found who will continue to maintain the course as it is or improve it. The owner, Lewis Keller is 86 and is the self proclaimed “custodian” of the course.

The course is important, and as such as is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Tournaments were held in the early portion of the summer, but the course is no longer open to the public. The property has only been on the market for a few months but the goal is to preserve the history of the facility so that future generations can enjoy the very foundation of golf in the country.

In addition, that is just what happens when one plays there. When you do, you are required to use replica hickory clubs and you have to hit gutta percha balls that are molded from sap of the sapodilla tree. To make a tee, you need to form them, by hand, from a mound of wet sand. There are no electric carts on the course either. In addition, as mentioned, you may even see a herd of sheep crossing the fairway from time to time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prize Insurance Contest – Crack the Vault

Whether you are looking to attract new clients at a trade show or rewards loyal employees at a company party, the Crack the Vault prize insurance promotion is a perfect way to give them all a chance to win big. One of Foresite Sports’ most popular prize insurance contests, the Crack the Vault promotion, offers excitement to your clients and serves as a very effective tool in fundraising.

Crack the Vault is an online game that gives the participants the opportunity to enter any code they wish and see if they have the lucky number to break open the vault. Crack the Vault can be customized for your promotion and we offer the contest with three to six digit codes. Foresite Sports will take care of creating the online game and supplying you with the link for your big day. A great way to enhance the promotion is to display the game onto a projection screen for the day of the contest. This way all of the participants will be able to see the game in action and everyone will be able to celebrate if someone cracks the vault!

If the Crack the Vault promotion doesn’t seem right for your event, give us a call or visit our website. Foresite Sports has numerous prize insurance promotions for all occasions and our contest consultants are happy to help you with ideas for your event!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Are Add On Contests with Hole in One Insurance?

One of the nice things about buying hole in one insurance is that you can add on an extra contests to increase your earnings and to entice people to participate in your event. Of course, you do want to ensure that you use Foresite Sports for this type of benefit, since the company offers such a great investment for you.

Take a look at some of the options available to you as add on services. If you are hosting a hole in one contest or a shootout contest, this particular type of add on service can help increase the amount of traffic and interest in your event. Check out your options.

  • Add a 60 feet, 1 attempt contest for $2500 cash! One participant has the ability to make a putt from 60 feet back for this payout.
  • The 60 feet, 1 attempt, $5000 cash add on is yet another option. One participant has the opportunity make a putt from 60 feet back.
  • A 60 foot, 1 attempt putt for $10,000 is another add on option. Of course, this option costs a bit more, but the larger payout is well worth it, your participants will tell you that!

If you are considering the investment in hole in one insurance, there has never been a better time to get your contest coverage started. The good news is that Foresite Sports makes it an enjoyable process for you, not to mention, easy and affordable. Why wait when you can start planning now?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Double Holes In One for Scottish Player

One hole in one is pretty amazing and most golfers would be ecstatic to accomplish such a desired achievement. While one is quite an accomplishment, you often hear about a golfer’s great hole in one story and working at Foresite Sports, we hear them a lot more often that you think. Now say that one person got another hole in one, heads would turn and everyone would have to agree that he is a very talented player. Taking it one step further, what if this golfer scored two holes in one in one day, on 9 holes? One word comes to mind: unbelievable!

This is the story of Adam Smith, a 47 year old technician, who holds a 7 handicap. It occurred during winter league play at Stonehaven Golf Club, Smith only had time to play 9 holes so he teed off on the 18th (during the winter season Stonehaven changes up the order of the holes) a 163 yard par 3 with a 4 iron. He says he could tell the ball was close but it was still visible from the tee box so he knew it didn’t go in. As he approached the hole however the ball was no where to be seen, Smith says it must have been resting on the pin and finally fell in. The second ace came on hole number 7 a short 132 yard par 3 with a raised green, making it impossible to see the ball. Smith and his playing partner had hit similar shots but it was Smith’s ball that was sitting in the cup. Smith’s accomplishments beat odds of 67,000,000 to 1 on the front nine, who knows what would have happened had he been able to finish the round!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Free Golf Club for Buying Hole In One Insurance

Golfer in Yyteri Golf Links.

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Has anyone ever given you free golf clubs? If not, now may be the perfect time to get them. Hole In One Insurance has a free golf club certificate program that has received a great deal of praise in recent months. If you are hosting an event and you need hole in one insurance, take a look at this program and see how well it can fit within the mix.

The first thing you need to do is to request a free price quote for our insurance. There is no cost and also no obligation. You will then earn a complimentary certificate for each person who is in your event.
The day of your event, you an hand out your free golf club certificates. You can hand these out at either the check in location or at the registration table.

After the event is over, each of the golfers can then redeem their certificate. The certificate is good either for a 19 Degree Hybrid Club or for a 60 Degree Lob Wedge. These are only from Warrior Custom Golf.
Of course, Hole In One Insurance wants your event to be fun and the only way to do that is to bring in enough people to be a part of it. This free club offer is one of the ways that you can bring people in to that event and have a lot of fun doing it, too.

Take the time now to request your quote and to learn more about how our services can provide you with exactly what you need.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

How Do I Pick A Hole In One Hole?

At Foresite Sports we understand that some of our clients have been playing golf since they were young and others have never stepped foot on a golf course. Thanks to our knowledgeable and helpful tournament consultants you don’t need to be educated about the game of golf in order to get a hole in one policy in place. All you need to figure out where to offer your hole in one prize is a score card from the pro shop and we can talk you through the rest. A hole in one prize will always be offered on a par 3 hole, these are the shortest on the golf course and will range in yardages from 90 yards to 200 yards, on average there will be 4 par 3 holes on the golf course you are playing.

Once you have narrowed down the par 3 holes, double check with a pro at the golf course if there is a hole they prefer to use for a grand prize. This is especially important if you are giving away a car or motorcycle because the pro may suggest a par 3 close to the clubhouse so you don’t have to drive a car out to the farthest point on the golf course. If you are giving away a cash prize, any par 3 over 150 yards will work for the grand prize hole. For the remaining par 3’s on the course we can also supply you with our bonus prizes so you have all of the par 3’s covered at no additional cost. For more information or questions about hole in one insurance give us a call at 888-882-5440.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Benefits of Hole In One Insurance from Foresite Sports

Why should you choose Foresite Sports for your hole in one insurance coverage? There are other companies, but none of them can offer all that this company can. Take a look at the following seven reasons why this company is simply a better option over the competition.

1. The company has an A rating which means that it is backed by some of the most financially secure underwriters in the industry. You do not have to worry about the actual payout happening.

2. You get free bonus prizes. The company covers every par 3 hole with hole in one insurance prizes such as Callaway Diablo Irons, LCD flat screens and even round trip airfare.

3. The company provides free rider coverage for multiple holes in one. It could happen but you are protected if it does.

4. You get free contest sizes that are impressive and well made to show off your particular need. This includes a full color contest sign for each hole in one contest you are offering.

5. You get free shipping of the contest signage to you, or to the golf course. This is fast and effective, FedEx shipping you can count on.

6. You get free golf clubs for each of the golfers who are in your tournament. Each will receive a certificate redeemable for a free, new golf club just for participating in your event.

7. Perhaps the best thing of all, Foresite Sports wants you to pay less and will match offers of other companies and beat them by ten percent.

If you are hosting a hole in one insurance contest, the company to work with is Foresite Sports.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The PGA Tour in 2011

Golf.com asked their senior writers to project the “who”, “what”, and “why” for the PGA tour and its players in 2011. As we move into the New Year, one of the most obvious items that was addressed in the article was: What does the future hold for Tiger Woods? Also, coming in among the top 5 questions posed were: If Tiger isn’t number 1 who will be, Is Phil Mickelson the king of Augusta, and will the U.S. ever be able to regain the lead on the LPGA Tour.

Tiger Woods had quite a tough 2010 season to say the least. However, he did come out toward the end of the PGA season to play at the AT&T National event in Pennsylvania, to show what he had, or rather what he had lost, in his playless months of controversy. It was hard to ignore the downfall which his game took as a result of the constant media attention and the overbearing, ever present opinion of the media and the golf world. The AT&T National event, which he had won in 2009, he only tied for 46th in 2010. So we now ask ourselves, is this the end of the Tiger era? The guys at Golf.com seem to think, not yet. Even though Tiger managed to turn it around a bit in the later months of 2010 it cannot go without mentioning that many of the young guys have been able to significantly step up their game so even if Tiger can get back to where he was in 2009 and earlier the end of an era may soon be in sight.

So if Tiger isn’t number one, who will be? Golf.com writers have suggested it will remain the current number one, Lee Westwood. Although, Westwood is going to need to increase the frequency in which he wins events in order to keep his ranking. Martin Kaymer, however, has been hot on Westwood’s heals so it looks like it will be quite the battle for him to keep his number one spot if Kaymer keeps up his game. Kaymer has quite the game in and around the greens and Westwood is going to have to pick up his short game it he wants to stay number one. Westwood will be 38 in April so needless to say, at only 26 years of age Kaymer’s game is only getting better.

Will the U.S. ever be able to take back the lead in the LPGA? It seems with the large number of tremendously skilled golfers coming out of Asia, a golfer from the U.S. being number one will not be anytime in the near future. According to the Rolex World Rankings, there are only 19 Americans in the top 100 and only 6 of them are among the top 25. There are a few names out there that are definite competition but not anyone that appears to be number one ranking material, at least not yet. The names being thrown around are Paula Creamer, Alexis Thompson (who is a mere 15 years old), Michele Wie, and Cristie Kerr (who actually was ranked number one back in June of 2010 following her win at the LPGA Championship).

To Read More Go To:
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Event and Sponsor Signs

Event and Sponsor signs are an important part of any golf outing or tournament. They help with the recognition of the sponsors and the patrons who have helped make the tournament a reality. When you purchase your event coverage we provide the Grand Prize and Bonus Prize Signs. In addition to prize signs we also produce a variety of Event and Sponsor signs. These signs start at the price of only $14 per sign!

These signs are available in two different sizes; the small ones measuring 12” x 18” inches, the larger ones are 18” x 24”. They come on a strong plastic substrate with a strong laminate that helps keep them weather resistant. We offer a variety of templates allowing you to find a sign that fits your event accordingly. We have an assortment of Hole Sponsor signs, as well as numerous contest signs. You can’t forget the food! We have signs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails. Whether the sponsors are a large company or a family, we can add the appropriate logo or verbiage. You just tell us what to do!

If you are looking at the available signs and are unable to find something you like, please let us know. We can make a number of changes to make the signs look the way you imagined. The Sign Department is there to make sure you receive the signs you want. Give your sponsors the recognition they deserve and make your way over to the Event Sign section of the website and print out an order form. Avoid a rush fee by placing your order 10 days or more form your event date!